About Us


Innovative Solutions S.r.l. operates in food and environmental sectors providing laboratory tests, technical and managerial advices, assistance for certification, management services for laboratories and plants, and staff training.

Innovative Solutions develops intelligent analytical tools, based on NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectroscopy, to be used for improvement of the production processes, for setup of efficient valorization strategies, for prediction of the best destination of use of food products.

Advantages over conventional analytical analyses derive from robustness, rapidity and reliability of the methods and from the extensive use of suitable advanced algorithms for data processing.

Our staff is strongly motivated and each member acts as independent entrepreneur. Decisions are made based on argumentation since we believe that dynamic market conditions demand creativity, which in turn calls for staff members to use their own initiative. We are convinced that this approach enables us to best serve our customers, whom we prefer to regard as our partners.

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