In Oleo Veritas


Innovative Solutions has developed “In Oleo Veritas” on behalf  of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari and SAMER (laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari).

In Oleo Veritas is an innovative analytical traceability system aiming to ensure the reliable and unequivocal identification of extra virgin olive oils troughout the supply chain.
The analysis results provided by “In Oleo Veritas“ create a sort of “natural barcode” of the olive oil. With this analytical traceability system, the oil show its identity and its origin by itself and not only by documents associated with.
“In Oleo Veritas“ is the first analytical traceability system activated in Italy. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first analytical traceability system promoted by a public institution, worldwide.
Olive oil tracing is obtained by four analytical tools applied before oil release:

  • Traditional tool consisting of official tests (chemical and organoleptic characterization) of the olive oil lot in accordance with national and international regulations concerning the classification of olive oils;
  • Safety tool consisting of pesticide residues detection to ascertain the absence (or the presence within the normed limits) of potentially hazardous substances;
  • Identity tool consisting of determination of isotope ratio of stable elements. This tool ensure the reliable recognition of the olive oil lot throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork. In case of commercial disputes, it allows to know whether the disputed product is actually the same as the lot analysed during production step);
  • Stability tool allowing to ascertain possible changes in the metabolic profile of the olive oil during the marketing step (thus it is possible to deduce the cause of any non-compliance encountered by persons other than the producer).

“In Oleo Veritas“ is the most effective system to valorize and protect the extra virgin olive oil produced in the provinces of Bari and BAT, and can be applied also to all Apulian and Italian olive oils.

Who can apply for “In Oleo Veritas“?
All extra virgin olive oil producers registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Bari can apply to obtain a voucher “In Oleo Veritas“. A co-financing amounting of € 100 (plus VAT) per analysis is required by the applicant. “In Oleo Veritas“ has a budget of 200 analyzes. Each applicant can receive a maximum of 2 analyses. Companies registered at other Chambers of Commerce can apply for “In Oleo Veritas“ with a fee of € 500 (plus VAT).
Applicants should be send a formal request to the Chamber of Commerce of Bari according to the procedure available at For more info email to


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