IS NMR ILC 001_2014

After the successful edition of the first Italian NMR Inter-Laboratory Comparison organized on behalf of SAMER (laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari) and RETELAB (Network of the laboratories of the Italian Chambers of Commerce), Innovative Solutions organizes the first of a series of International NMR Inter-Laboratory Comparisons.



Results of the comparison IS-NMR-ILC 001_2014 are now published in the following volumes of the series “NMR Interlaboratory Comparisons”, NeP Ed.

[…] In the present volume “Validation of a 1D 1H-NOESY experiment for fingerprinting of wheat and flour”, a method based on the 1D 1H-NOESY experiment preceded by a selective pre-saturation step is considered for validation. The matrixes selected for the comparison consist of aqueous extracts of wheat and flour […] – (Sept. 2015)


[…] In the present volume “Validation of NMR fingerprinting methods: effects of processing on measure reproducibility and laboratory performance assessment” a fingerprinting method is considered and the effects of 4 different NMR spectra processing procedures are reported in terms of both measure reproducibility and laboratory performance assessment […] (Sept. 2016)